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Bratz is a line of fashiondolls designed by Carter Bryant and manufactured by MGA Entertainment that was launched in early 2001. The Brand about four BFFs Cloe, Yasmin, Sasha and Jade rocking’ the hottest fashion trends with their friends and some serious attitude. With tons of confidence and style to match, the Bratz make heads turn wherever they go. The dolls feature big heads with almond-shaped eyes, small noses and big glossing lips, setting a whole new trend for fashiondolls.

The Brand has also been supported by media like Movies, Music CDs, Videogames, a TV Series and several Spin-Offs like Bratz Babyz, Bratz Kidz and Bratzillaz.

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The Bratz Pack

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Dolls and Merchandise MGA Entertainment
Toys MGA
The Brand had its debut in May 21th 2001 and MGA is still coninuing releasing more products.

Read about the Bratz dolls and merchandise
Information about the companies history, original concepts and sales figures.

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Books, Albums and Videogames Websites
Movie Web
The Bratz dolls and movies although have been promoted by studio albums, soundtracks, books and several consol games.

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Several websites and accounts have been made for the brand over the past years incl. Social Media accounts and many Website changes.

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TV Series & Movies Bratz Spin Off Lines
Tv Spin
Over 10 animated movies, two TV seasons, three interactive DVDs, a TV Design Show and a cancelled Webseries have been made to date.

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Next to the classic Bratz dolls MGA made several Spin-Offs incl. Lil' Bratz, Bratz Babyz, Bratz Catz, Bratz Kidz and Bratzillaz.

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Latest News

• Did you know there was originally a "Pink Winter Dream" Sasha and Jade doll, buth both dolls have been cancelled?

• MGA made the decision to completely overhaul the brand throughout 2014, in efford to return the brand to its roots. As a result, none of the 2014 dolls were offered to the North American retailers. The new Bratz products are coming out in Fall 2015.

• Both Spring 2014 lines "Duct Tape Fashion" and "My Passion Wave 2" only came out in Russia.

• The Bratzillaz Spin-Off officially discontinued in Fall 2013. There are no new Bratzillaz coming out in near future unless MGA is planing a comeback for them too, which is very unlikely.

• MGA is releasing a new dolline in Spring 2015 called "Vi & Va" incl. Characters called Roxxi, Valentina and Felicia. Does this mean we won't be seeing those three girls in the Bratz universe anymore?

• MGA is still continuing releasing more "Bratz Classicz" DVDs!

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